SALE!! UP TO 45% off!!
SALE!! UP TO 45% off!!

About Us

Purchase unique products that give you the opportunity to express and display your love for your dog and celebrate your unique relationship with your special furry friend.

Here at TWOGGIES™  we are obsessed with two things,  one is our love for dogs, the other is novelty items expressing the close bond we share with our 4-legged friends.

Our mission is to bring you innovative, high-quality products at competitive prices that you will not find in local stores.

You can get products that are great gifts for the dog lover in your life, or for yourself - the perfect t-shirt, hoodie or mug, clothing for work out or leisure wear or decor items like pillows and even bowls for Fido -  to give you, and others around you, that feel-good experience -- that same feeling that you get when you spend time with your dog!

TWOGGIES™ is the best multiple products provider online-store for dog lovers. Stay tuned for our regular promotions, sales, discounts and more. Our designs are unique and eye catching - you will surely turns head wearing our high quality clothing! 

Customer Service:

One of the things our customers love about our store is the unrivaled customer service that we are able to offer. We are always available to attend to visitors' inquiries. We are like the guard dog that protects your shopping experience and the quality of the products you buy. All you need to do is get in touch, and we will be tail-wagging happy to promptly handle any issues you might have.

Special Deals:
We know how special the bond is between you and your dog and that is why we sniff out the best deals to reward our valued customers for their loyalty.

Our exclusive deals can't be found anywhere else and definitely not in local stores.  We also use these deals to make a difference. A part of the revenue from our special promotions go toward fundraising for less privileged dogs in shelters.

Our goal is a win-win situation -- you receive something you really like at a great price and you give a disadvantaged dog a second chance on finding a loving home and happy life.

Customer Satisfaction:
We are aware that our customers are the driving force behind our business, and we are ready to go out of our way to provide the best customer satisfaction on the planet. We believe we can turn our store's visitors into not just customers but drooling fans!

You can take advantage of our amazing products and great service right away by first browsing through our various categories and collections.

To the love of dogs!